I’m a new Uncle!

Yay!  I’m a new Uncle!  Congrats Mike and Kat…and welcome to the world, Avery!  I can’t wait to meet you!  Exclamations everywhere!

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Thoughts on Twitter?

Hey everyone.  I’m interested in learning people’s thoughts on Twitter.  It seems to be the next big MySpace/Facebook/LinkedIn social networking platform, but there are obvious limitations to the site.  What are you planning on using it for and/or who will you be communicating with?

I like the idea of keep friends/family/community in the loop of what’s going on, but I’m not sure what the business implications are.  I’ve seen some companies use it as a tool to make announcements and things of that sort, but what other things can this do for business.

Most of my friends use it to tell me they’re driving to the store or that they ust tripped over a rug.  Gavin Newsome continually updates us on new initiatives or programs he’s working on…great use of Twitter.  Box.net used it to announce new product offerings.  The Onion…that’s just funny.  Those things I get.  However, I don’t see the use in things like ESPN or CNN just pasting a link to some article.  Yes, it may be breaking news, but I’ve already seen in on ESPN or CNN…why do I need to log into another application just to tell me to go somewhere else to read an article.  I understand what they’re doing, but it seems to just add more clutter to the complex social networking world we already live in.

Anyhew, I think it’s a great idea.  I’m just interested in seeing where it goes and what creative ways people use it.

Enjoy the weekend!  Looks like the weather is going to be awesome!

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As I promised yesterday, we’re going to talk about sandwiches today.  Who doesn’t love a tasty sandwich.  Now, to make this a little interesting let me give you a little history of that tasty meal we all love.

Let’s face it…bread and meat have been around for a long time.  I’m sure there have been a million people and cultures that have mixed the two and eaten what we now call a sandwich.  The name “sandwich” was coined by an Englishman named Edward Gibbon who named it after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.  Apparently Montagu liked that he could eat his “sandwich” with one hand while still playing cards.  Thanks Wikipedia! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandwich)

Now that I’ve given you all your new piece of knowledge for the day, let’s talk about sandwiches.  First, we’ll start with the great PB&J.  Who doesn’t like a good PB&J and have a nostalgic childhood trip every time they bite into one.  In my experience I’ve found the sandwich to be a lot less messy if you spread the PB on both sides and put the J in the middle.  Yum.

Everyone has their favorites.  I prefer a turkey/bacon/avocado combination, but I do not discriminate when it comes to sandwiches.  The reality is there are an infinite amount of cominations for everyone to enjoy.  More importantly, there are thousands of sandwich shops where you can get sandwiches.

The infamous sandwich shop.  Sounds like an easy idea, but hard to execute.  We all know that in order to have a GREAT sandwich, you have to have GREAT bread.  Some sandwich shops don’t get that and they fail, generally making bland tasteless sandwiches.  Subway started the trend of fresh baked bread…and they actually do have decent bread if you can get it fresh, which it isn’t half the time.  Growing up we always went to Mr. Goodcents because they had the best soft bread.  Here in San Francisco we are known for bread, so there is no excuse for not having top notch bread with every sandwich.  The other option a sandwich shop has is whether or not to toast the bread.  I generally like a toasted sandwich, but if the bread is great then it’s not necessary.

Now, on to some of my favorites.  I mentioned Mr. Goodcents in KC.  It is a chain, but a great alternative to Subway.  I actually don’t mind Subway either, but each shop is so different with their veggie quality and service, it’s not always a safe bet.  The Pickle Barrel in Ft. Collins, CO has to be a top 1 or 2.  It’s a little hippie joint with great service and the best sandwich combinations.  Then there’s PotBelly’s…I love PotBelly’s with their spicy peppers and toasted bread.  In SF we have Toaster Over which is (literally) a replica of PotBelly’s and tastes just as good.  Then there’s Ike’s Place here in SF.  Awesome.  They have great service and make a million unique combinations with their famous Dirty sauce.  Down in Del Mar, there is also this great place called Board and Brew…who cares about their sandwiches if you can drink beer, right?  (their sandwiches are money, though)

Every neighborhood has a sandwich shop, but not all are good.  Keep supporting your local shop and continue to eat sandwiches.  Time to go have a sandwich for lunch.  I’m starving!

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My head hurts

Apparently everyone is getting sick and the bug just caught up to me.  My head hurts and I can’t think of anything good to write.

How about this:  I’m hungry.  I could use a tasty sandwich….mmmm sandwich.  Tomorrow I’ll write about sandwiches and which ones are my favorite.

I’m going to eat something.

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Hello loyal followers?  Hello?…is anyone there?  Mom, I told you don’t have to keep reading this to make me feel special.

Anyhew, it was a fun weekend at Zin Fest.  We restocked the wine pile and tasted our fair share of tasty libations.  Back to Monday.  It was hard being gone for the whole weekend…the website continues to gain in popularity and lots of people want to get aboard this train.  Oprah finally called!  Seriously.  Still waiting to hear back from Dr. Phil.  Ellen, where are you?  But seriously, it’s hard to maintain a “normal” life when people are constantly trying to steal your time.  The whole point of this was to find a job and now that I have some interest and interviews I need to focus and prepare.  It’s not time to be a lollygagger.

Until next time…

P.S. – Sorry for not keeping up with the “daily.”  I was out of town and had no cell reception or internet access.  And then there was the wine.

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What a whirlwind…

Wow! The last 48 hours have been crazy! So…my wife, Robin, created this website for my job search (www.myhusbandneedsajob.com) just to pass around to friends/family because they were always asking about how my job search was going. Somehow CNN.com got hold of it and the website blew up instantly. It was the cover story on CNN.com all of Saturday morning and continued to be on the leading headlines all day. Overall, we were the #2 story of the day (damn Lindsay Lohan!). Then, Fox News heard about it and ran a special on it on Fox Report. Since then, I’ve talked with CNN radio, KCBS radio, several bloggers and podcasters….even Dr. Phil emailed me. Talk about overnight success story.

I received over 1,000 emails on Saturday alone. People from all over the world have sent in their support and stories. Apparently it’s really big in Sweden! It has been completely overwhelming dealing with all of this.

Now, none of this really matters if I don’t get a job out of this, but I have gotten some interesting prospects and a few really good leads. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for everyone’s support and excitement over this. It really has been crazy. I’ll be interested to see if this continues or if it will die of quickly. Many people said they would forward my info onto bosses, CEOs, and other higher-ups in their companies to see if anything is available. Hopefully the new business week will be even more fruitful.


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I’m an athlete again!

I know it’s cliche to say you’re getting old, but seriously folks…is bowling supposed to be this painful? Last night my new bowling league started and today it feels like I played in a hockey game with 5 OTs (speaking of which….did anyone see the ‘Cuse/UConn game last night?). I kind of like the pain, though. I feel like an athlete again!…just like when I was a kid and played a football game and I was sore the next day. The BIG difference is that I’ll probably be sore all week from the bowling whereas when I was a kid I would have been fine that afternoon.

It makes me think about what could have been. When I was a kid, I played pretty much every sport under the sun (except hockey, which for some reason wasn’t really around in Kansas City). Sports, in general, were a big part of my life and still are. I was pretty good at most everything I played, but I was really good at bowling. My best friend, Mike, and I played a few years in a competitive bowling league and we were good…good to the point where we were consistently winning and competing against the best players around. Had I stuck with bowling, who knows, maybe I’d be a professional bowler right now. The chances of becoming a professional football or baseball player are so small I probably never would have made it anyway. But bowling, I think I could have gone somewhere. Maybe there’s a senior circuit I can start preparing for.

I guess it’s too late to go back and become a professional bowler. I’ll have to settle on being the best 9pm Thursday night bowler at the Presidio Bowling Lanes. You have to start somewhere.

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Hello world!

Hi World!  Welcome to the Daily Bones.  Apparently it’s cool to be a blogger, and dammit I’m cool.  Here you can get a glimpse into my world and see how my twisted mind works.  I’m currently unemployed, so there should be plenty of material here for you to enjoy.  Where does the name Daily Bones come from?  (sorry for ending a sentence in a preposition…deal with it)  Well, it goes back to my childhood.  I was skinny as all hell and my best friend’s family called me Da Bones because I looked like a bag of bones.  I stayed skinny my whole life until I got married…luckily my wife loves me as a chubby hubby or a skinny minnie?  Enough of that.

It is called the “Daily” Bones and I will do my best to post daily, but alas I do have a life outside of my new blogging career.  Who am I kidding, this is my life.

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